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We Provide Really Nice Low Cost Cars For Really Nice People, Just pay monthly.

No Credit Checks, No Big Upfront Payments,
Flexible Terms
A Great Alternative To Car Rental, Leasing or Buying
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We Provide Really Nice Low Cost Used Cars For Really Nice People Visiting Bournemouth, and Local People Living In The ‘BH’ Postal Code Area.

We have a unique subscribe and drive solution for all your short term needs.

Longer term solutions are provided through Our Unique Lemon Squeezy Car Club Membership.

Prices start from £150 with drivers arranging their own short-term insurance policy with our preferred provider Covva.com. These policies are readily available and stops all the mis-selling of insurance product and car rental counters. There are no joining fees or hidden costs for car subscriptions.

Any excess will need to be paid as a deposit and repaid on safe return of the vehicle. An additional deposit may be required.

Longer Term Car Prices Start From £100 - £400 Per Month
What Car Are You Looking For?

* Flexible Terms from subscribe and drives to 3 - 12 months longer term memberships
* No Credit Search or Score Required
* No Big Up-Front Payments
* Warranty Included
* 5 Start Facebook and Google Reviews
* Flexible payments
* Longer term cars only available in the BH Post Code
* All cars are self insured by the subscriber

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About the Lemon Squeezy Car Club

We are a local business that prides its self on old fashioned great customer service with NO CREDIT CHECKS and NO BIG UP-FRONT PAYMENTS.

We provide low cost car subscription facilities to people visiting, working and living in Bournemouth and ‘BH’ Postal code area. Our cars are very affordable and are accessed through subscriptions or monthly club membership payments, which makes using one of our cars really easy peasy and cost effective.

Our agreements are both flexible and affordable, there is no requirement for a great credit score. Typically, charges start from £150 per week + insurance.

Longer term car charges via membership are between £150 -£300 per month + insurance. In addition to a joining fee and tracker fee. We do sometimes have a small number of really nice lower cost cars from £100 per month and some more expensive cars over £400pm. Term of membership are usually 3 to 12 months with two months notice. Please ask for details about cars and membership. Our short term cars are available for a minimum of 7 days days and are a great alternative to the major car rental companies.

(The information below is only applicable to longer term cars only)

Tracker fee

There are no large fee’s. Our tracker fee is only £100 and only payable once we have approved you and you have approved us and we then need to fit a tracker to the car you will be driving. this helps protect you and us.

Credit score not essential

Having a great credit score is not essential, We do not carry our credit searches on our members, please ask for details

Warranty & Service

All our cars come with a 6 month warranty and we provide 5 star mobile MOT and servicing arrangements, keeping our cars relaible and safe for our members

Six levels of membership

Members can move between levels when cars are available, or to meet changes in circumstances.
Level 1 cars up to £100pm
Level 2 cars up to £150pm
Level 3 cars up to £200pm
Level.4 cars up to £250pm
Level 5 cars up to £300pm
Level 6 cars over £300pm

No big down payment

There are no Big Down Payments with our Club Membership or cars.Our joining fee is equivalent to only 2 months subscriptions. Then you pay monthly subscriptions in arrears.

Flexible Terms 3 -12 months and beyond

Once you have joined, our minimum subscription term is only 3 months the maximum term is 12 months but the term can be extended with just two months notice

Maintenance, Servicing & MOT

Car Club cars are provided serviced and with at least 6 month MOT. You contribute to a third party combined service & MOT Plan at a fixed low price alongside your membership. This is paid for monthly while the car is in your possession. (ask for details on the servicing MOT plan ) Additional maintenance and repairs outside of the warranty and Service MOT plan are the members responsibility.

What car are you looking for?

Tell us what type of car you are looking for and we will try and find it for you for a fair monthly cost

Lemon Squeezy Car Club Warranty

Learn more about the exclusive 6 month warranty for Car Club members.

6 month warranty

Lemon Squeezy Car Care plan

Spreading the cost of servicing and MOT over the term of your membership.

Car Club Care Plan.

Here are just a handful of brands that we offer, but we can source most makes and models to order for members. Just ask for details

Example cars

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Vauxhall Corsa

Approx £150-£250pm

image not found

7 Seater’s

From Approx £300+ pm

image not found

Vauxhall Mokka

Approx £220-£290 pm

image not found

Vauxhaul Astra

Approx £175-£290pm

image not found

Ford Focus

Approx £175-£290pm

image not found

Nissan Juke

Approx £200-£300 pm

image not found

VW Golf

Approx £250-£300

image not found

Nissan Qashqai

Approx £250-300+pm

image not found

Fiat 500

Approx £150-180pm

image not found

Ford C-Max

Approx £180-250pm

image not found

Ford Fiesta

Approx £150-240pm

image not found


Approx £160-220pm

image not found

Peugeot 308

Approx £170-240pm

image not found

Peugeot 208

Approx £150-220pm

image not found

Citroen DS4

Approx £160-220pm

image not found

VW Polo

Approx £180-220pm

image not found

Mazda 3

Approx £150-180pm

image not found

Mazda 2

Approx £170-220pm

image not found

Toyota Aygo

Approx £130-160pm

image not found

Alfa Giulietta

Approx £180-220pm

Image Not Found

About Getting A Car Through Our Car Club

No ownership problems

With car leasing, hire or the use of our cars through a car club via subscriptions, you do not own the vehicle and this is not a purchase or finance agreement – The vehicle is owned by the Club or a Company providing cars to the Club. These are the Clubs vehicles and very valuable to us. Which means we will assist you in looking after the car every step of the way. And when we select and purchase used cars for the Club we make every effort to buy the best cars available.

Period of use

Term of the agreement is normally weekly via our on-demand subscription service, or via longer term Club membership for 3 -12 months or longer. However, vehicles can be used by agreement for up to 4 years through membership. The period of use can be shorter and there are early termination provisions in the membership agreement, if your circumstances change, or you can switch cars if this helps.

Road Fund Licence - Car tax

On weekly car subscriptions this is included. On longer term membership agreements, you have to pay road tax monthly which the Club can assist with.


While the car is in your possession, it is your responsibility to look after it – We will give every assistance we can to do so. The first 6 months while in your possession we provide a warranty with the car as you would expect from a similar purchase agreement warranty. After 6 months the warranty expires. However, our Lemon Squeezy Car Club promise is to provide any repairs and maintenance at trade price as all we want to do is keep you on the road and the car in a good road worthy condition. Remember this is our assets and looking after it is as important to us as it is for you to have trouble free driving.

Maintenance, Servicing & MOT – Long Term Cars Only 3-12 months

Car Club cars are provided serviced and with at least 6 month MOT. You contribute to a third party combined service & MOT Plan at a fixed low price alongside your membership. This is paid for monthly while the car is in your possession. (ask for details on the servicing MOT plan ) Additional maintenance and repairs outside of the warranty and Service MOT plan are the members responsibility.


You are liable for the car during all the time it is in your possession for any, accidents, driving offences, breakdowns or repairs that are outside of warranty – If payments are missed the car is automatically repossessed after one month of none payment. You are also liable to fund the replacement of the car like for like through your insurance should the car be written off.

Car insurance

You have to insure the car while in your possession on a Fully Comprehensively basis. The insurance company need to be advised at outset that this is a Lemon Squeezy car. The Insurance excess should also be no more than £250.00 unless agreed otherwise with the Club. On weekly subscriptions you will be asked to deposit with us any excess amount and in some instances provide an additional deposit.

Returning the car

When returning the car is must come back in good condition, less an expected amount of fair wear on the vehicle, that we would expect over the term of the agreement.


We always give a discount to returning clients and members. We also pay introductory fees to anyone who recommends a friend to the Lemon Squeezy Car Club who successfully joins and take a car through us.

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